Ready to Turn you on

Sanjay's magic is the ultimate Aphrodisiac


want him, Men Want to be him

Please note that any man wishing to be Sanjay may be sorely disapointed. His counjouring is mearly for entertainment purposes, and no amount of magic can fulfil a mans natural desire to be Sanjay. The womans desire however can be arranged for an appropriate fee...

Kids Love

Magic. Guarentee their fun

Magic is good clean fun entertainment. I will happily teach the eager father a trick or too so that he too can be seen as a mage of astounding power in the eyes of his child!

Dinner Magic

perfect for desert

Table magic at the start and end of dinners are a great way to break the ice when people first sit down and guarentee laughter and fun as they finish their meals.

Every Guest

Loving their Evening

Magic can be done for large groups or one on one. Be assured, that every guest will have their day made lighter as they see the immposible made possible.

Fall in Love

with Sanjay Today

Hey aren't I a funny man


at its best

Perfect to entertain, amuse and bring life the party. Magic at it'sbest is joyful.

Bringing the Magic

To your Magic Day

Perfect for weddings, Birthdays and those other special events.

Stage Magic

Opium for the masses

Please note that Sanjay isn't actually a drug dealer, Opium is not supplied as part of any Package and that any reference to drugs is purely for comedic purposes only.

Stage Magic

Enjoyment for the masses

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