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Wedding Magician

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Taught cards in saloons of the Wild West @1874

Make your day Magic:

“You brought laughter, life and literally the magic to the party! Thanks for helping to make our day extra special”

Flawless delivery:

Having performed hundreds of times to thousands of people, Sanjay is a smooth and suave edition to any event.

As a former Edinburgh stand up comedian:

Sanjay will delight his audience with his stories and comedy banter as much as his magical effects.

Loved by 9 to 90 year olds:

From young to old, Sanjay’s magic is great for kids, and brings out the inner child in grandparents.

Contact Sanjay now to see how he can help, or click on one of the pictures to see some wedding examples:

A recent example of Sanjay’s work:

Custom Made Stage Magic At The Wedding Of Scot and Clare

Slide 1: I created a trick based around the Groom secretly on the Bride’s instructions.


Groom Scot Joins us on stage in front of all guests...

Slide 2: The Groom Scott Joins us on stage in front of all his guests…


....and is blown away as he finds the entire trick is based around him!

Slide 3: ….and is blown away as he finds the entire trick is based around him!


Seen enough? Contact Sanjay now to see how he can help. Alternatively click below for more wedding examples:

Your wedding is a very important day, all your friends and family are going to be there, all the people you care about. More than that, the one person you care about most is going to be there and this is your day to share that with your world. Weddings are always wonderfully happy days, and they have their own magic unique to that special day.

You are going to want to entertain your guests and you want to know that everyone is going to have a good time. This is where I come in. As an experienced Wedding magician in London, I understand the way that these events work and how to best ensure that I spend the most productive time at your event. My goal is to ensure that the maximum number of guests have a chance to experience some magic in one form or another, whether that is close up table magic during the dinner, stage magic if there is space to this, or more traditional close up magic as I walk around the space. Magic is a great way to break the ice, get people laughing to one another, and it provides an easy talking point that will allow your guests who don’t necessarily know other people there to quickly make friends as they discuss what they have just seen. I make a point to notice any guest that is standing alone and not only do a trick for them, but then elegantly and smoothly integrate them with another group of people through follow up effects.

Getting in a Wedding Magician is a great way to ensure that your Wedding day is the fun, and memorable event that you so want it to be.